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Napkins or serviettes? Well that’s a matter of opinion! But we will opt for Napkins!

Our napkins will add ‘the finishing touch’ to your parties and special occasions and are personally printed to reflect the unique nature of your particular function. We specialise in supplying small quantities (from just 50 napkins) but can cater for very large orders also.

Basically there are two sorts of paper napkin - those made from tissue which usually consist of single-, two- or three-ply construction; and those known as ‘airlaid’ which are somewhat thicker than the tissue type. We call these ‘Super Luxury’ Napkins. The three ply we refer to as ‘Luxury’ Napkins.

Luxury 3-ply
size: 40cm Dinner
Please enquire about
other sizes available

Super Luxury
Linen Alternative
40cm Dinner
48cm Banquet

The most popular napkins that we supply are the Luxury Dinner size three-ply tissue kind which are featured on this site (we do not supply the two- or single-ply napkins). However we are able to supply Buffet and Cocktail sizes in the ‘Luxury’ three-ply variety as well as the Dinner size ‘Super Luxury’ brand.

Sizes - Dinner are 40cm square open flat; supplied at quarterfold size 20cm square. Buffet are 33cm open flat, 16.5cm quarterfold; and Cocktail are 25cm open flat, 12.5cm quarterfold. All our napkins are delivered to you at quarterfold size with your message appearing on one side. You can then display them like this or fold them in various ways - for instance - triangularly; as a crown to place upon a plate; or as a diamond shape to sit in a wine glass. See page ‘About our napkins’. Please select your option when ordering as this has a bearing on how we position your wording.

We feel sure that for whatever event our napkins are selected that they will contribute significantly to the overall success of the occasion.